Our Mission Statement

At Peterman Financial Group, Inc., our mission is to help our clients prosper and protect their wealth through comprehensive and holistic wealth planning, communication, and education. We seek to guide our clients in making intelligent and informed financial decisions through relationships built on integrity, trust, and personalized service. We believe that regular investment reviews, combined with a conservative, long-term approach, are the keys to successful wealth planning.

Value Statement

Through successful delivery of our mission statement, our value for clients is to organize their financial life through holistic wealth planning affording them the time to enjoy life more with less stress.  The added value of our client’s confidence & clarity to their financial future!


Our goal at Peterman financial group is to be your most trusted advisor based on professional knowledge, integrity, and personalized service.

Core Values

  • Professional Knowledge
  • Integrity
  • Personalized Service
  • Teamwork

At Peterman Financial Group, we stay true to our core values, mission and vison so you can benefit from our loyal commitment to execute on your needs.

What sets us apart

  • Holistic view and approach
  • Professionally managed models
  • Aligned with one of the top independent firms in the Country
  • Relationship driven NOT transaction driven
  • Combination CPA/Tax expertise and wealth planning
  • Client communication and transparency

Team Atmosphere

At Peterman Financial Group, we believe in working as a team. Together we can keep on top of all of our clients’ needs and concerns. This enables us to deliver top of the line service and constantly adapt with the dynamic environment in the world of investments.